Friday, April 28, 2017

Useful Chrome Add-ons

It's been a while since I've done a tools type post so here we go... Below you'll find a few Chrome Extensions that I utilize frequently or recently learned about and found useful that you might find useful as well.

Tab Scissors and Tab Glue: These two are a team. Tab Scissors allows you to split your screen and show two windows at the same time. Select the tab you want in the second window and click the Tab Scissors icon in your toolbar. That tab will now show in split screen view. Any guesses what Tab Glue does? Yup! Use Tab Glue to unsplit your screen. Who needs dual monitors? Well... not giving up my dual monitors anytime soon but this is a good workaround when you're working on your laptop away from your desk!
Example of Tab Scissors extension

Save to Keep: Google Keep is a Post-it like note-taking app that works within the GSuite environment. You can save notes, links, images, set reminders, color-code your notes, and share with others. The Save to Keep extension puts an icon in your toolbar that allows you to quickly save a web link, and quickly add a note to it, into your Keep notes with one click. Another nice feature of Keep? You can have a sidebar of your Keep notes running while in Docs and drag/drop from Keep into your document.

One Tab: For those Tab-aholics out there (you know who you are!) One Tab is the extension for you. It takes all of your open tabs and makes them links in a single tab. So how does that help you? Have you ever needed to restart your computer or Chrome and then waited for all those tabs to reload? One Tab makes for a huge time saver! 

Extensity: Now that you have all those extensions running what happens if one causes an issue or you just need enough room in your toolbar so that you can see the url bar? Extensity allows you to turn extensions on/off as needed. You can also launch your various Google Apps from the Extensity dropdown. 

These are just a few of the many Chrome extensions available. Please share any that you have in your toolbox that you can't live without!

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