Friday, March 31, 2017

Take a Break!

Ahhh… spring break. That time when students and teachers take a full week to relax, catch-up on sleep, possibly travel to a tropical location and basically forget about school.

OK, so many of you are laughing right now. “Ha! Who does she think she’s talking too? We're tired and stressed but have papers to grade and lessons to plan. We can't take a break!”

However, perhaps what we really need to do over the next week is do exactly that. Take a break! Disconnect from your normally hectic educational life. Relax!

Yes, you do still have responsibilities but you will thank yourself if you give yourself some time to just be you. My challenge for you this spring break is to act like a little kid. Take a nap, play, wander, wonder, make something, get together with friends, do something for you. Yes, you might also have adult responsibilities that you need to get done but don’t spend all break doing them. Set limits for work and schedule play time. Doing so will recharge your creative batteries and who knows, as you wander and wonder, you may end up planning a lesson that you didn't even know was possible. So, do you accept the challenge? Great! You'll thank yourself and return to school rested and ready to finish out the year!

See you next week!

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