Friday, May 19, 2017

Get Ready for Summer!

Head out for some beach time but bring your library with you!
It's almost here! Summer is just around the corner and we, both students and faculty, are ready to relax and have a little down time. But... August will soon be upon us and you'll want some resources to get ready for the new school year. logo and your local libraries to the rescue! Take advantage of these free and available-wherever-you-are, digital tools that are available to all Michigan residents this summer. 

Not sure how to use these tools? MeL has you covered with on-line tutorials that will show you how to utilize these resources for yourself and your students! They've even created a Google Doc with links that you can make a copy of and share with your students. So, as long as you have an Internet connection, and live in Michigan, you can:

If you are in Michigan when you connect, you don't even need to enter your library card information. How easy can this get?! Gotta love!

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