Friday, November 11, 2016

Augmented Reality for Classroom

I always learn a lot while attending the AssisTechKnow conference that Kent ISD puts on every Oct. This year was no exception. One of my biggest take aways this year was Augmented Reality in the classroom. The two teachers that presented, Karrie Martin and Melanie McFadden did a great job walking us through the possible uses of several different AR apps such as Daqri 3D Elements and Anatomy 4D, Quiver and various AR Flashcard apps that all bring chemistry, anatomy, coloring pages, and earlier elementary concepts to life. My favorite was Aurasma, an AR platform that allows one to easily create AR auras. With this tool, teachers and students alike can truly add value to their classroom reality. The tool is available via a browser as well as apps for both iOS and Android so platform isn’t a problem and the process of creating an Aura is pretty straight forward. You need the app, something for the trigger and a video for the "live" portion of the aura. Open the app, create a new aura, select or take a photo of your trigger, overlay your video and finalize the aura. Use the same app to scan the trigger and view the aura after you finish.

You’ve all walked through a high school hallway and admired student work displayed on the bulletin board. Now imagine having this student work come to life! Point your mobile device with the Aurasma app installed at the student work and listen and watch the student explain why and how they accomplished the work and what they learned from it.

Ideas for how an educator can utilize an app like this are endless. Here are a just a few examples:

Take your teacher home with you: How often to you discover that students have forgotten the instructions for a worksheet by the time they get home? Create a how-to video and make the worksheet the trigger. The student uses Aurasma and suddenly you’re there with them at home explaining what they need to do.

Book Talks: Students looking for a good book to read for class? A book cover can become the trigger for a student’s video explaining why someone should read the book. Print out labels of the Aurasma app icon to tape to the book so students know which ones are triggers.

Virtual Meet the Teacher: Parents waiting in line for conferences? Why not have a trigger posted outside your classroom door or near your conference station that parents can scan with Aurasma and find out what inspires you, what goes on in your classroom and why you love teaching!

Explain Math Problem Solutions: Post the solution to a complex math problem and it becomes the trigger for the student’s explanation and demonstration of how they accomplished the solution.

Give Aurasma a try and I'm sure you'll find several uses for Aurasma! Oh, and did I mention it's FREE! The awesome just keeps coming!

My sketchnote of Karrie & Melanie's session at AssisTechKnow16

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